Volume 20 | issue nº 2 Summer 2018

Graduating Our Own

By Hoda Hilal

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Members of the LAU Community and their children receive a stellar education

As LAU bid farewell to the Class of 2018, among those who took the stage to accept their diplomas were people who have been an integral part of the LAU family for years – university employees and their children. Thanks to LAU’s policy of educating its community, staff, their children and faculty members’ children get a free higher education at the university.

Staff member Intizar Zgheib beamed at the Beirut commencement exercises in June as she watched her daughter accept her undergraduate diploma. “Seeing my daughter graduate was one of the happiest moments in my life,” said Zgheib, who has been working as a custodian at LAU for 11 years. She said she feels supported and empowered at the university, adding, “I owe my children’s education to LAU.”

As for Security guard Walid Abdallah, his joy in seeing his daughter Anna-Christina graduate as a civil engineer after his 15 years of service at LAU was tremendous. “I had been to 14 graduation ceremonies before I finally saw my daughter graduate on the 15th one. I am forever indebted to LAU for providing her with such an excellent education,” he said, adding, “LAU is not my second home; it is my first.”

Meanwhile, Ruba Nassar Tohme watched her daughter receive a BA in psychology with a minor in performing arts. Nassar Tohme, director of compensation and benefits on Byblos campus, says she is confident for her daughter as she moves on to the next phase of her life. “This fact gives me, as her mother, peace of mind that she is equipped to face whatever may come,” she said.

Among the graduates were also staff members themselves, who took up the chance to further their own education at LAU. Lead Career Guidance Officer Dania Makki Saad was inspired to earn her MBA, graduating this summer 20 years after completing her bachelor’s degree. “Education has no age limit,” she said. “LAU graciously supported my education and proved that employee development is at the heart of the university’s employment philosophy.”

Accounting Supervisor Ramsey Baz decided to join the MBA program after earning his bachelor’s degree at LAU as well. “This experience has allowed me to enrich my knowledge and develop my academic skills,” he said. He noted how diverse the student body is, including older students and those from different backgrounds. “I am confident that the MBA degree will help me achieve my goals, both in career growth and personal development.”