Volume 20 | issue nº 2 Summer 2018

Class of 2018

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Photo“I made great friends at LAU and met the best professors who truly guided me to be the best graduate I could be.”  Amar Kreidly, nutrition


Photo“I will miss the energy on campus and the experience. But I feel happy to be entering the world right now!” — Jeny Dagher, finance


Photo“I am heading to Harvard for my master’s. I’m very happy and a bit scared, but I feel LAU really prepared me for this.” — Maria Nakhoul, bioinformatics


Photo“The diversity on campus and the fact that you could meet students from all walks of life truly opened up my horizons, being a non-Lebanese myself. The MEPI experience in particular took me up a notch, with my most cherished experience being when my Capstone Project won first prize!” — Abdelrahman Ghalab, computer science


Photo“One of my most memorable experiences was going as an observer at a public school and connecting with students. Everyone was amazed by our teaching strategies, and that gave me a strong sense of achievement – being able to put to work what we learned in class.” — Dina Ibrahim, education


Photo“My most memorable experience was our international studio class trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, where not only did we learn volumes to be added to our already-rich curriculum, but we also got the chance to bond with each other as one team.” — Rayad Assi, interior architecture


Photo“It was a lot of work. I’ll be continuing here as a medical student. I’ll need even more focus and dedication, but I’m definitely ready.” — Johnny Ayoub, biology


Photo“I loved my time at LAU, for the academic part but mostly for the extracurricular activities I was given the opportunity to be involved in. Those activities shaped me socially as well as academically.” — Yves Abi Aad, civil engineering


Photo“I’m happy to be graduating, but I will be coming back for my master’s. So it’s not ‘goodbye’; it’s ‘see you soon.’” — Andrew Kassis, business management