Volume 20 | issue nº 2 Summer 2018

LAU’s Welcome

By Hoda Hilal

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LAU welcomed me - and thousands of other students - to its world of endless growth, and it kept doing so every day.

Confused faces and nervous smiles usually characterize a student’s first day of university. However, I remember mine differently. My first day at LAU was full of excitement, joy and gratitude. All I could think of was that the three years ahead of me were mine to conquer, so I had to make the best out of the experience. On that day and with open arms, LAU welcomed me — and thousands of other students — to its world of endless growth, and it kept doing so every day for the next three years.

As a soon-to-be graduate of the translation program with an emphasis in French, my journey at LAU has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. From bouncing between courses (and skipping some of them) to staying up all night to meet deadlines; from savoring a cup of coffee between classes to stargazing in Faraya with the Astronomy Club; and from working on my own personal growth to working as a student employee — all those memories have contributed in one way or another to the person I am today and will forever remain dear to my heart.

LAU never failed to make my educational experience enriching and rewarding. And it went beyond the classroom, with lectures, extracurricular activities, and on- and off-campus events. Moreover, I can never forget my dear professors, who selflessly and tirelessly offered support and guidance whenever needed, as well as my fellow students, who have made this journey a memorable one. Finally, I cannot but mention my fondness for LAU Beirut’s campus, to which I will always return, and it will feel the same as it did that first day — like home.

This emphasis on making students feel welcome — from campus facilities to endless learning opportunities — helped me explore my academic and extracurricular interests. I learned more than just the necessities for a degree. I learned about leadership, about communication, how to master the “soft skills” that are so important in a career, and how to be a responsible citizen who gives back to the community that has given me so much.

As much as it’s sad to leave LAU, I know that it’s inevitable. For myself and my fellow graduating seniors, it is our time to leave the nest and build the future we’ve always dreamed of. It was LAU’s warm welcome and exceptional care that empowered us to spread our wings, and I can only hope the world welcomes us in the same way.