Volume 21 | issue nº 1 Supplement - 2020


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LAU’s Mobile Clinic Delivers Free Tests and Training

Stepping up the fight against COVID-19, the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine  and the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital launched the LAU Mobile Clinic which delivered free-of-charge PCR testing.


The initiative made more tests available in regions beyond Beirut, reaching potential patients who could not afford to be tested otherwise, and helped build up the capacity of local health providers.

LAU Coronavirus Telecare: An Innovative Approach to Healthcare

In another community initiative, the school of medicine and the hospital launched the LAU Coronavirus Telecare, an online platform that addresses people’s concerns and guides them on how to respond to the pandemic.

This virtual clinic, powered by volunteer physicians from the school of medicine, offered up to 24 free-of-charge consultations per day while minimizing unnecessary exposure.

COVID-19 Microsite

A microsite dedicated to the pandemic, kept the community informed about safety tips and protocols, and updated them on university measures and policies during the pandemic, from remote learning to admissions.

LAU Now: A Newsletter for LAUers Forging Ahead

Compelled to work remotely without the social contact that their professional work thrives on, LAU faculty and staff reconnected virtually. Through LAU Now, they opened up candidly on difficulties they faced, recounted the extra efforts they had to put in, and celebrated their many accomplishments. The newsletter bears witness to the dauntless spirit demonstrated every day in myriad ways by the LAU family across the board.