Volume 20 | issue nº 4 2019

New Giving Report Reveals Donor Impact on LAU and its Students

By Naseem Ferdowsi

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Fiscal Year 2018 saw a 14 percent increase in funding from last year with $18.9 million raised toward LAU’s mission.

One of LAU’s core values is to stand by its community. Year after year, LAU has proved its ability to fulfill that promise and support deserving yet financially challenged students in their education, and the 2018 Contributors Report reflects this. During Fiscal Year 2018, 4,276 deserving students received just over $31.7 million in aid, a 6 percent increase in funding from 2017.

“When you invest in education, you are investing in a better future not only for our students, but also for the community as a whole,” said LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra in his message in the Contributors Report.

Donor contributions to LAU are key to fulfilling the promise of academic excellence and supporting students in their academic journey. The report revealed that LAU received a total of 1,533 donor contributions during Fiscal Year 2018, which amounted to $18.9 million. That is a 14 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2017, despite the uncertain economic situation, which is a true testimony to the unparalleled commitment and generosity of LAU’s donor community.

“Gifts go toward the continuous development of effective teaching and learning methods at LAU, and are translated into robust academic programs, high-tech facilities across our two campuses, growing research efforts, and necessary financial aid programs, making education at LAU accessible for all, while maintaining a high-standard world-class quality,” added Dr. Jabbra.

Assistant Vice President for Development Nassib N. Nasr, who spearheaded the annual report, explained the importance of partnerships to the university.

“We are honored to have such staunch supporters who showcase unwavering dedication toward LAU and its students, and the results of such partnerships are indeed inspiring,” said Nasr. “Together with our incredible benefactors, we are able to create state-of-the-art programs and build cutting-edge facilities, managing to create an impact on our students, our community, our region, and beyond.”

LAU’s family of donors includes generous alumni, friends, businesses, NGOs and government entities who made in-kind and monetary gifts that enabled the institution to continue providing its students with an unrivaled learning experience, and pave the road to academic excellence and leadership in community and civic engagement.

Featured in the report are information and infographics about donations received, and detailed lists reflecting the numbers, the destination, and the source of gifts. Scholarship students’ success stories, impactful collaborations, and fundraising programs and activities are also highlighted.

Among the success stories is Tala Lakiss, an award recipient of the USAID-funded University Scholarship Program (USP), which aims to give public school students an opportunity to pursue a university education.

“LAU and all my community involvement have taught me many values that are now a part of me, and essential to my identity. I have learned the importance of integrity, patience, teamwork, and to be responsible for my actions and my words, among so many others,” said Lakiss.

LAU’s Contributors Report is produced annually in recognition of donors’ generosity and the difference it makes to the university and its students. It is put together by the university’s Office of Development, in coordination with several other departments.